Jeff Charlebois, Comedian

Jeff Charlebois is not your ordinary comedian. In high school, he was tragically paralyzed in a car accident. Instead of letting the heartbreaking circumstances get him down, he decided to get up… up on stage!

Billed as a “sit down comic who’s always on a roll,” he rocks it on stage. With his candid view of life, his style of comedy opens the mind of his audiences with an underlying message of preservation and inspiration but never forgetting the first job of a comedian is to get those laughs. He has performed with Kevin Nealon, Drew Carey, Tom Dreeson, Harland Willams, Nikki Glaser, Tom Green, Greg Wilson, The Grass Roots, Apollonia, Max Gail, Miss Universe, etc. He was also on the television show “1,000 Ways to Die.”

For over twenty years, Jeff has been spreading laughs at clubs and colleges around the country with his wry, tongue-and-cheek sense of humor. He also entertains at conferences bringing humor to folks who have had a long day of seminars. And, his hysterical routine has been instrumental in adding to the success of numerous fundraisers.

Jeff also keeps an active writing career. He has written songs, screenplays and recently produced and starred in a sitcom he wrote called “Good Sam” that takes place in a rehabilitation hospital. When he’s not performing, he’s a humor columnist for Ability Magazine and has published several books titled Medical Secrets Revealed and Life Is A Funny Thing.

Among his many accomplishments as a comedian, he is also an acclaimed motivational speaker. His uplifting message emphasizes the fact that whether able or disabled we are all unique and special people with wonderful individualized talents that should be developed to make a contribution to the world.

A native of Baltimore, Jeff now lives in Los Angeles. He continues to tour comedy and feed his writing aspirations.



Jeff Charlebois
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Phone no. (626) 446-1367
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